The bad seed

In this funny story, we get to know the bad seed, which gained its name because of its very bad behavior. But we discover later that she has gone through severe accidents in her life, which forced her to act in this way to protect herself from perdition, and that she still retains many beautiful qualities that no one noticed and which does not make her a bad seed at all.

In this funny and touching story, John Gorrie deals in an innovative and funny way with the subject of the ability to change, the negative judgments we make about people when they behave in a way that we do not like, ignoring the reasons behind it, and other beautiful qualities that they possess that may not appear to us at first sight.

This story will ask us important questions about hasty judgments of those around us, the importance of seeking excuses and understanding the reasons that affect behavior, and the good that lies in each of us and that we see when we pay attention to him and give him care and love.
There is a bad seed.
It's not all bad.