about Rafiqi

about Rafiqi

Why choose "My Rafiqi"?

"My Rafiki Store" for Arabic-speaking children and adolescents who are residing in Europe and England, and wishing to speak it.
We provide what the Arabic speaker needs; To develop his mother tongue and add new vocabulary by providing story books with valuable content.

In "Rafiqi" we look for quality in everything we offer, and we select the best educational publications and the best publishing and printing houses.

We deal in "Rafiqi" with many publishing houses from different Arab countries, and our goal is to search for the best always.

What moves us?
We believe that the mother tongue of a person is his identity and his anchor in light of the movement between countries and different languages; When a child masters his mother tongue, accordingly, his origin and civilization becomes an integral part of his personality and identity.

How did we start?
We know how difficult it is in western countries, to provide good and attractive content for children compared to European books, in addition to a challenge
Teach them to read in the first place. Even after we succeed in teaching our children to read, the challenge remains in developing their Arabic vocabulary and expressions. Due to the lack of products and stories that attract the child and make him love reading in classical Arabic.
We went through this challenge with our children, and this was the beginning of the journey of searching for valuable, ethical Arabic content.
So we started, a group of people looking for content that attracts our children to the Arabic language, and we decided to provide it and facilitate access to it for every Arabic speaker in Europe, Britain and Switzerland.

Our message
Preserving language and identity is an integral part of preserving human roots and origins, getting to know their history and civilizations, and being proud of them.

Where are we?
The Rafiqi team is currently working in Germany and England, and we are happy to serve you at the level of European countries