A day in the life of a Muslim

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A day in the life of a Muslim

A magnetic learning board to help adults and children persevere in the important daily acts of worship for a Muslim

It is a board made of cardboard with adhesive tape on the back and hung on the wall. It is divided into 5 fields, including the important daily acts of worship on a Muslim’s day.

(Morning remembrance - Dhuha prayer - Recitation of the Qur’an - Evening remembrance - Witr prayer)

Under each act of worship there is a verse or a motivating hadeeth for the importance and virtue of this act of worship

Whenever the owner of the painting performs one of his daily acts of worship, he closes its box in the painting (it closes and opens with magnets).

A sign appears And under the sign is prophetic glad tidings for those who performed this act of worship

The acts of worship that he did not perform remain open until he remembers them and performs them

The painting helps its owner to have performed all his important acts of worship at the end of each day and closed all the boxes

Suitable for adults and children

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