This is how my gloves become


My mittens have many colours..and they warm my little hands.

We definitely wear hand mittens in the winter when we feel cold to warm our hands. And after the winter, the place for the gloves is in the drawer; Her role is over, but our gloves are off!

Through illustrated children's stories, you can teach your children a lot. In the story "This is how my gloves become", your child will learn the different seasons of the year, and what distinguishes each season from the other, through an adventure with the fun gloves; It is a story illustrated and drawn in a way that attracts the child's eye in wonderful and cheerful colors.

My gloves become a colorful butterfly flying in the air

Some of the most beautiful things about spring are the butterflies that fly in the garden over the blooming flowers, the bright sun, and the rainbows that decorate the sky. All of this is from the climatic changes that occur in the spring after a winter full of rain and clouds.

And then my gloves become a bonfire for a barbecue

From the intensity of the summer heat, the gloves turn into a flame, and of course the summer season means the vacation during which we go out and have a lot of space with friends, and it is also the time to go to the beach, enjoy the descent of the sea, and watch the beautiful marine animals, as this is what distinguishes the summer season.

Then it will fall and fly in the horizons.. and the tree will become a branch and a stem

After summer comes autumn, when mittens become falling leaves, and a kite in the autumn wind.

At last we are back together for the winter, and the mittens are back on the children's hands; To make them feel warm after a fun adventure to know the seasons of the year.

Through an illustrated story with all these events, your child learns a lot of information hidden within the story about climate changes and the environment, which occur throughout the year in each season, and thus learns the sequence and order of the seasons.

The story also encourages creative thinking, as our children can see the gloves with a new eye every time they look in a new way.