A story we read more than once.

A ride.. rides

And she circled around Mama like birds

Repeated calls from our children day and night, on all levels, and on all occasions, it may seem normal, or funny, or annoying at other times.

What if we looked at it from the point of view of a child calling out to us and repeating his words? Is it really useless? Or is it an expression of his subconscious mind? Or are they logical conclusions in which he searches for answers to his questions? All your child needs from you is your focus and attention to solve it together.

Delicious basbousa dish

A short illustrated story whose naturalistic drawings express our Arab homes. For the child to feel that he is inside his home, moving inside every corner of it.

And just as football in every Arab home has great interest, especially the matches in which international players such as Mohamed Salah participate, and that every match resonates in all homes, we discover that it is not only Nana who repeats the words, we also may not be able to control ourselves at the time of enthusiasm and encouragement .

Nana and Grandpa.. and Grandpa and Nana

The relationship of the grandchildren with the grandparents is distinguished, and this is what this written story shows about the relationship between Nana and her good grandfather. Although his house seems old, Nana spends a pleasant time in it, and finds what occupies her, with the help of Gedo, and with short, resonant words throughout the story, which the granddaughter says Politely and respectfully, and the grandfather deals with it with all wisdom and love.