What do i do when


Our goal through this interactive book is to modify the compass of the heart before modifying behavior. Our goal is to provide the child with knowledge about the names and attributes of God, and how he can invoke them in the different life situations he goes through.
Our goal is to build a strong foundation, from which Islamic values ​​can be built and strengthened.
Our goal is for the child to direct his heart to God before he relates to the causes.

When afraid, he remembers that God is the protector of the believer, so he is reassured and this helps him to act in a proper way..
When his friends at school annoy him, he remembers that God is the Eternal One who turns to Him with his heart first, and He is the Powerful One who has the power to change his condition, and then he takes the reasons and searches for a solution.
This book relies on its narration on the method of questions:
What do I do when I get angry?
What do I do when I'm afraid?
What do I do when my colleagues annoy me?
Through this method we motivate the child to think and interact.
In cooperation with Mr. Carpenter, we present to you, along with the book, the “true” and “false” signs made of wood, which the child uses throughout the book to answer the question “what do I do when?”