It wasn't a drop of water


An interaction with the mind and the senses

Unleash your child's imagination with a drop of water to be part of the book, and all he has to do is press, wipe or blow on the page; To go to a new page and image.

The child is always looking for things that simulate his imagination and arouse his passion, and this is what he will find in the story "It Was Not a Drop of Water", through which he will enjoy a mixture of fun and learning, and he will gain:
Skills: Focusing on the words of the book - Using the senses in narration.
Information: water bubbles - starfish - sea horse - octopus.
Value: The significance of one drop of water.

Imagination wider than the ocean

The world of the ocean is vast and full of surprises and creatures, and through this book we launch your child into this big world, and on each of its pages we are graded with concepts, numbers and colors, so that the child lives each stage, and comprehends it with his full will and movements.
The child's interaction is what will provide him with an alternative to the screens of electronic devices, and make the relationship between him and the book strong, and this interaction will be a reason for the child's integration with every page; Because he is the hero of the tale, responsible for changing events, and discovering the bottom of the ocean.