Strange and strange handling


This book serves as a correct preparatory introduction to the world of education and the Holy Qur’an that every child needs and fills a big and dangerous gap in our reality today.

The book aims at the systematic construction of the child in terms of optimal dealing with the written and perspective sources of knowledge and the various educational contents.

And this is done by clearing the concepts and drawing the boundaries of skills with regard to the various curricular activities, such as reasoning, contemplation, reflection, consideration, remembrance, insight, and others.

The book puts radical solutions to many educational and constructive problems, especially those related to curricular and educational concepts and skills.

The book was built with a purposeful educational narrative curriculum that was based on capital curricula and governing constructive rules, and took into account what suits the child's privacy and meets his needs in this regard.

And the narrative style that has been adopted reflects the marriage between the fullest use and the most beautiful enjoyment, and takes into account the embrace between consideration and fascination with the provision of consideration, and the embrace between sorrow and amusement with the presentation of sorrow, and the embrace between reflection and disintegration with the provision of reflection.