a friend in need is a friend indeed..

Friendship is of great importance in the lives of our children. Children learn the meaning of friendship and how to choose a friend from their father and mother, especially in the early stages of their lives, before going to school, going out into the world, getting to know society and making friends. Therefore, we must educate our children on how to choose a friend, and Atous 's story about friendship will help you a lot in educating the child. It also talks about bullying and learning to accept the other and not ridicule others. It is a story full of morals that we must teach our children, but through an interesting and delicious adventure.

Everyone calls me Atous , and my name is Addas.

In the beginning, we convey to the child the feeling of being mocked by others and how bullying affects those around us in a negative way. It may make them want to go out and meet people and deal with them because they feel afraid of confronting those around them. Thus, the child recognizes their feelings and feels sad for them, so he does not bully or ridicule anyone.

Did Saadoun really come back to him? Wasn't he afraid of his sneeze?

Here comes the role of the friend to get his friend out of feelings of sadness and fear, so the child learns through the story about the role of the friend and how he supports and encourages his friend to get him out of difficult situations and sadness.

Is this handkerchief a gift for him?

Here we teach the child that the solution to the problem may be simple, but we cannot discover the solution, so someone comes to help us. Saadoun also helped his friend and gave him a handkerchief to solve the problem of sneezing, which causes him a lot of trouble.

Saadoun told him, “Thank you for your help.” Addas said, “Thank you for your love.”

In the interesting adventure, Saadoun needs the help of Addas, who did not delay and helped him. Thus, the child learns the meaning of a friend in times of distress and that love, friendship and help are the basis of strong friendship.