As they said in proverbs: Every problem has a solution!

Proverbs are usually aphorisms for those who went through difficult experiences, and succeeded with their efforts and efforts to solve them, and this is what the story “Shatla” presents to our children, which is a short story brilliantly illustrated and written simply.

The orangutan had a "seedling" of a problem that had not occurred to them, and it was able to solve it by thinking, planning and trying, and these are the basic scientific steps to solve intractable problems.

I wish all problems as a seedling problem !

Seedling wants a hat, but can't get it. The problem of a seedling is as simple as the problems of our children, but let us remember that no matter how simple the problems of our children seem to us, they are as difficult as the difficulty of an ant carrying a grain of sugar from one place to another.

One of the most important skills that will help our children to be self-reliant is to give them an opportunity to stimulate their logical thinking, to come up with innovative solutions of their own invention, even if the solution is in their own hands, as Satlah did.

seriousness of desertification

We live in the rainforest among the picturesque nature, we breathe the refreshing summer breezes, and we see the density of its tall trees whose sound penetrates our ears when they fall to the ground, when human machines intervene to cut them down. Human action threatens saplings and other orangutans with extinction.

different values

Among the rubble of trees, we see optimism, planning and determination, until hope returns to the forest again. A small seedling and a solid friendship are enough to bring joy to the whole forest, as it is a story about hope, compassion and friendship too.

"Shatla" is a short illustrated story characterized by repeated sentences that facilitate reading for our children who are familiar with the form of the sentence. It also establishes the clear meaning of the story in their minds, and urges the child to use logical thinking tools to solve problems, and to think outside the box.