My sky is all colours

The magic of the sky and space

How many times did your child look at the sky and contemplate its movements and colors? The sky has a special charm that attracts all eyes to it, so the child feels that he is the center of this universe, and the sky is the cover that protects the earth. The sky accompanies us with it all the time to see everything new and strange in it, and the clouds draw different shapes and drawings on it. We may sit for hours to guess what it is and how it is formed. The sky remains a hiding place of secrets and a source for discovering space and tracking stars and planets.

Big sky and many colors
Has your child ever painted the sky red or green? Yes, of course, they are some of the magical colors of the sky. Is it possible to expect that the sky has more than 10 colors? At every movement of the sun or the moon, a color is renewed, and in every cosmic phenomenon there is a color that is distinguished by its degree and difference. Encourage your child to look and continuously create as he sees it in the sky.

Lessons from heaven
It is a picture story that invites your child to meditate and think about the shapes and colors of the sky and search for the secrets of the universe. It is one of the short children's stories that are filled with colorful sky paintings. This diversity reflects the colors of people and their differences as well. "My sky is all colors" from children's stories written in short sentences expressing the culture of difference and pluralism. As we accept Different colors of the sky We have to accept our diversity and our differences.
Written and illustrated by: Shaima Sobhi

Age group: +2 years