Nice jacket though


My beautiful jacket set, however

Through it, we instill important meanings and values ​​such as the meaning of sustenance, how God drives sustenance to His servants, not being attached to things, giving, helping the needy and feeling the poor.

The group consists of:
1- The story of my beautiful jacket, however.
2- An activity booklet, through which your child will learn: (The meaning of sustenance - who provides sustenance - the names of God, the sustenance, the sustenance - reasons for increasing sustenance - is all sustenance money? - types of sustenance - how do we be satisfied with what God has written for us? How do we thank God for His blessings?) .

Content of the interactive brochure:
- It has a variety of activities (flippers, drawing, delivery, placing stickers, etc.), dealing with the issue of livelihood in all its aspects in a simplified manner.
Number of booklet pages: 12.
-4 paper stickers are included with the booklet; To use them in an activity inside the booklet.