Sami paints a feeling


Sami likes to paint his world that surrounds him, because for him it is full of beautiful and inspiring things, such as the tinkling sound of the ice cream cart at the end of the street, the warmth of the autumn sun on his face, and the hard work of a female robin building her nest. When Sami sees something he likes, he is overwhelmed by overflowing feelings, creeping like a butterfly into his mind, then into his heart, then into his pens, to emerge on his paper in the form of a swirl of colors.

Sami loves to paint these feelings, but he gets frustrated when no one understands his paintings at school or even at home. Although this does not stop him from painting what he feels, he gives up the desire to display his paintings to people. Until the day comes when Sami meets his new neighbor, Salwa, and is surprised by her great admiration for his drawings, and her ability to understand the feelings inherent in them. Only then does Sami realize that he has finally found a kind soul who understands him well, and understands what he wants to say in his paintings.

This tender story, full of art and feelings, assures us that there is no single, stereotyped way of doing things, and that we, as human beings, always crave understanding and appreciation even when our methods of expression differ. And that with a little sympathy and patience we will understand and appreciate each other. This story that celebrates the wide world of art is an open invitation to children, and adults alike, to express in their own way, their sensitive senses, and their honest feelings, and not to be discouraged by people's confusion about their art and style, because their journey is full of beautiful surprises and with kind and sensitive hearts that will understand well, and will give them All the love and appreciation they deserve.