My life in Ramadan


My life in Ramadan

This valuable book will accompany you throughout the blessed month of Ramadan. It contains:

⭐ Morning and evening remembrances
⭐ Various easy remembrances for children
⭐ Introducing the month of Ramadan
⭐ Manifestations of the holy month of Ramadan
⭐ Teaching ablution
⭐ Teaching prayer
⭐ Pillars of Hajj
⭐ Hijri months
⭐ Pillars of Islam
⭐ Fasting stars
⭐ personal hygiene
⭐ Eid planner
⭐ the five senses

The idea of ​​the book is based on dividing the days and the existence of daily challenges for the young heroes and evaluating the extent of their success in completing the challenge daily throughout the month. It also contains daily:

Fazoura or question day

Quranic verse

It is a custom of Ramadan

And useful information

And the heroes follow daily how much Ramadan has passed and how much is left of the holy month, then they do an entertaining activity (coloring, the difference between the two pictures, the maze activity),

Finally, the Eid Al-Fitr activity with Eid surprises, after evaluating the daily challenges of the young heroes
Educational and entertaining activities are attached to the book. The book is also distinguished by the quality of the pictures and drawings and the beauty of the colors