Hilarious stories with the Qur'an


When you sit with your children and tell them hilarious stories with the Qur’an, you give them a large dose of love and tenderness, increase their self-confidence, and give them strength with which to launch in life and make them love the Qur’an, understand its meanings, and strive to act according to it.

The aim of the book Farhan’s Stories with the Qur’an is for our children to memorize the Qur’an with pleasure and happiness, and to love Juz Amma and understand its verses and act according to it. These stories are suitable for boys and girls, in homes, schools and memorization circles. Our adult children read it even if one of them memorized Juz Amma years ago. These stories will make him taste the sweetness of the verses, understand their meaning and act according to them, which will make his life better and his afterlife more beautiful.

Teaching Juz Amma to our children with the method of Farhan’s stories will benefit them a lot, God willing, because in this way we teach them the Qur’an in an atmosphere of love, tenderness, pleasure and suspense. This is called education with love, and it is the most successful and effective type of education.