camel piggy bank

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camel piggy bank

Money is one of the things that we build our relationship with from our childhood and it continues with us throughout our lives...

We need to teach our children how to have a healthy and balanced relationship with them.

And (saving) is a very useful exercise to train them to build this relationship, and to learn the balance between saving and spending,

They differentiate between saving and hoarding, and we understand that every amount they save helps them get the things they need or love, after some waiting and patience.

Who among us didn't have a piggy bank when he was young?

Our parents were keen to teach us through it how to rely on ourselves when we get the things we want from our efforts in the diversion.

Design of boards and dowels for the wooden piggy bank in the shape of the Arabian camel (desert camel)

It is an authentic symbol of our culture that expresses its wisdom and endurance to save food and water in its hump for times of need, and to benefit from them to a reasonable extent in times of scarcity of resources.

The child can play with our camel in different shapes and tell stories about it.

At the same time, he learns about time, money, the future, saving, spending, earning, buying and selling, and many other meanings that form a vital part of our lives.