Meditate on God's blessings


Meditate on God's blessings

Do you face a problem in explaining to your son the greatness of the Creator and his countless miracles in a simple and easy way that makes it easy for him to understand?

Are you willing to provide your son with useful information that will make him more cultured and more appreciative of God Almighty at the same time?

If so, this book is the best way to achieve this goal. As his easy style, carefully chosen words, as well as his beautiful illustrations will all contribute to conveying the meaning to your little one smoothly, and will make him more appreciative of the greatness of the Creator, and will also provide him with the information and knowledge that any child of his age needs.

The book Meditation on God's Blessings is aimed at young children, and it will help them satisfy their curiosity regarding matters that are obscure to them at their age. Such as how grains of wheat grow, or what bees do to give us delicious honey, or what God Almighty singled out for each of the living creatures that He created, and many other things...

In short, reading this book to your little one is a fulfillment for him in many respects.

It strengthens his belief in God in the first place, and makes him more appreciative of the miracles of the Creator, in addition to giving him a comprehensive education on various topics.