Positive behavior in the child - the first three years


Make a significant difference during the most important years of your child's life

The months leading up to the birth of a baby are filled with joy, dreams, plans and a little bit of anxiety.

As a caring parent, you want your child to start life in the right way.

But what is your go-to reference for answers to questions like: How can I communicate with a young child who doesn't understand words?

How can I teach my newborn to walk within limits effectively?

Am I supposed to spank my baby's bottom?

How can I help him grow in the best way?

This book offers you a sound approach to raising a child based on common sense that is often lacking in today's world.

In the book Positive Behavior in the Child - The First Three Years, you will learn (and learn) how to raise a capable and self-confident child, and you will find practical solutions and advice on how to:

Encouraging independence and exploration in the child, while setting appropriate boundaries

- Adopting a non-punitive education that is consistent with the latest findings of research on the child's development process

Recognizing when the child is ready to face the difficult tasks of sleeping, eating, and potty training, and avoiding the conflict that accompanies these lessons.

- Recognizing the nature of the child and entering his world

Understand recent studies on the development of the child's brain regarding the process of thinking and learning, and much more!

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