Super hero


This beautiful story takes us on an inspiring journey with its "superhero" hero, a real superhero

With real and many supernatural abilities, that enable him to do many great things for himself and for others, that no other human being can do.

People love him very much, and they feel happy and grateful to have him among them. Until the superhero gets infected with a strange disease, which makes him lose all his superhuman abilities, and he is no longer able to do anything.

And when doctors are unable to understand the causes of his illness and fail to find a cure for it, the heart of the superhero is filled with grief and sadness, and he decides to leave and move away from the city and people.

So what happens to the superhero after that? Will he find a medicine that restores his supernatural powers? Will he return as the superhero he was?

The story is a winner of the Communications Award 2021