Any character eat monster


They sleep.. they sleep.. they sleep.. a delicious letter with a sweet taste!

The story that sold more than 15,000 copies.

Yes.. a cute monster, eating some letters from words!

Whenever I tell you something from the story, the monster eats a letter of its words; I can't finish!

The hero of our adventure is trying to tell the story of "The Hen and the Camel", but he knows that a cute monster is waiting inside the story to eat letters from it.

In any case, our hero is ready, and he will tell the story, even if the monster ate the letter, because he has the scout with him!

Using the searchlight, we will see the letter hidden in the belly of the monster. Our children love to arouse their passion to increase their curiosity in knowing things. What a delicious letter that shines in the belly of a cute monster!

One day, the... ml came out.

Did the lamb or camel come out? Which character ate the beast?

Through the story, your child will recognize words that have the same weight, such as lamb, camel, palm tree, bee, ant, and others.

The scout will enlighten the child with the letters he sees in the belly of the beast, and will enlighten his mind with the linguistic skills he will acquire.

While the camel was walking in the desert, he saw yellow mountains.

Our children will gain - indirectly - information about the different environments, including the yellow desert environment in which the camel gets lost a little, and while the camel wanders in the desert, our children get to know the oasis, the well and the yellow sands.

you are a hero!

Just like the camel, our children have finished the first story of the series, and they have learned about six letters, where your child has known the letters (J, H, K, Tha, D, T), and he is now ready to play another tournament in a new place, with letters and new words. See, are your scouts ready?!