I Object Dinosaurs Didn't Extinct - Delta Diaries


Is there anything more beautiful than a story with surprising chapters and curiosity?!

for every Dinosaur lovers around the world , let's discover with the cat "Delta" a breed of dinosaurs that has not yet become extinct, lives with it in the same house, and enjoy reading the second part of Delta's diaries: "I Intercept Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct", the book nominated for an Etisalat Award, for the category of book with chapters for the year 2021.

as Delta isn't just any cat , as she searches and uses her five senses until she discovers that she lives in a house with a dinosaur. Delta's tiny claws tap search engines, and she won't rest until she records in her diary the secret of the dinosaur sleeping in the next room!

For a full week, Monday through Monday, we jump with her leaps and bounds, watching her discoveries. Really, what a modern dinosaur!

Delta learns more about her feelings as she writes in her diary. She discovers that she is jealous of the feelings of attention Zaytuna and her family give to the dinosaur, and the more she writes down the events of another day, the more she understands herself and those around her. Hence the importance of writing diaries; It is one of the most important habits that help us understand ourselves and deal correctly with situations.

All this in a story made up of short chapters that encourage more reading. It is a riotous story like its heroine. And between this delicious riot of easy, well-formed and clear-cut words, we forget the page count, and the laughs grow louder, as we discover the last line of dinosaurs.