Shipping Options

At checkout, we always display all available shipping options for your order.

For some orders or countries, we can currently only offer Standard shipping that's primarily based on the weight of your products within a single order. We are working to expand our shipping options!

🇩🇪 Germany

2-4 Business days
Up to 500g €2.70
2-4 Business days
Up to 1000g €3.79
2-4 Business days
Up to 2000g €4.99
2-4 Business days
Up to 5000g



For all orders.

Delivery time and costs vary by country, package weight, and dimensions. We are offering our packaging following these standard package sizes:

 Package dimensions Max allowed weight per package
35x25x2cm Up to 2000g
Up to 2000g
30x30x15cm Up to 5000g


Please note that from the moment of hand-off to the service provider, we can no longer influence the course of the order. Therefore, we can only guarantee a timely hand-off to the service provider.

Special cases


Public holidays and holidays that vary within Germany also affect the delivery date of your order and lead to a postponement of delivery by two working days following the holiday. This applies to national and international orders.